The cemented carbide gun drill produced by Dalian Xinlei Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the special tools used to process deep holes (drilling depth greater than 5d) and precision shallow holes. Since the 1960s, machine manufacturing has developed vigorously, and the cutting technology of gun drills has shifted from military industry to civilian industry. Because gun drill cutting technology has the characteristics of "high speed, high quality, and high efficiency", it has developed rapidly in the past two decades and has been widely used. It has been widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Especially in machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, locomotive, electric machinery, and agricultural machinery industries, gun drilling technology is used, and it is more common to use gun drills to drill deep holes. What follows is that gun drilling equipment and tools from Europe and the United States have entered China one after another, setting up offices, processing, and joint venture production of gun drilling equipment and tools in China, occupying half of the Chinese market.


In view of this, Dalian Xinlei Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has been fighting for "replacement of imported" tools for more than 20 years, cannot but respond to this and cannot sit still. We contact and organize experts from domestic gun drills and material manufacturers , Scholars, have conducted more than a year of research, demonstration, experiment, and development of Chinese materials, research and development of Chinese gun cutting processing equipment and technology, has made progress, has reached the stage of mass production, continue to participate in the national "replacement of imports" The ranks of the development of China's deep hole cutting tools-carbide gun drill series tools.


The gun drill uses the best materials, new technology and equipment today to manufacture cemented carbide gun drills at a relatively low price. It is supplied to the market with international tool quality and Chinese prices. Win glory for the people, and work for the benefits of the people.


The company has gun drilling technology and tool research and development personnel, and hires domestic well-known gun drilling cutting experts to guide, and cooperate with scientific research and academies to develop gun drilling equipment and tools. Meet the needs of deep hole processing in various industries.


The company will provide you with cemented carbide deep hole machining tools with the best tool quality, the shortest delivery time and the most reasonable price ratio. The company has a marketing department, responsible for sales and marketing services, accepting orders, processing drawings, agency design, deep hole processing technical consultation and assisting in organizing the supply of special deep hole processing machines. All-round service for you.


The company's cemented carbide gun drill manufacturing base has been established, forming an annual production capacity of 10,000 pieces. Standard cemented carbide gun drills, cemented carbide reaming gun drills, and cemented carbide reaming gun drills have been supplied to the market.


In order to facilitate users to successfully develop a new generation of carbide gun drill sharpening device, the company completes the grinding work of carbide gun drills in one clamping, and also provides users with free training on the grinding operation technology of carbide gun drills. The user grinds hard diamonds containing golden guns.


The company has always insisted on the purpose of all-round service to users: with excellent quality, shorter delivery time and complete technical services, to meet the various needs of users for "substituting imported" carbide gun drills and developing deep hole processing.


The company welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit us, negotiate business, exchange technology, use Xinlei brand carbide gun drill. Drill deep holes to find Xinlei! Come to Dalian to find Xinlei!