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Single blade double oil hole g

Supply dimension: the diameter of 3.1mm to 45mm can be up to 4000mm Hard alloy gun drill is also called deep hole drilling, which represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. It can not only be used to process deep holes (diameter ratio 1:25), but also can be used to process shallow holes (diameter ratio 1:1). It is welded together by drill shank, drill pipe and bit three parts. There is a hole in the middle which is suitable for drilling cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy and alloy steel etc. The drill hole, boring hole and reaming hole are completed once. The precision of the tool can be machined to high precision (it6-8), fine straightness (0.16-0.33mm / 1000mm), low roughness (ra3.2-ra0.1) hole. The drilling speed is 30 to 100 meters per minute. At present at home and abroad in shipbuilding, automobile, engine, locomotive, chemical machinery, oil pump, mining machinery and hydraulic parts and other industries are widely used.


Gun Drill, Internal Cold Drill, Small Gun Drill



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